Warning Signs of an Addiction

How to Recognize an Addiction

When it comes to addiction, the signs are often not obvious. This is because addiction can take many forms and manifest in different ways. Some people may be addicted to drugs or alcohol while others might have an eating disorder. Whatever your poison, there are warning signs that indicate you may need help. Axiom care Phonenix AZ knows some of the most common warning signs of addiction:

You use substances more than you want or intend to. This is the most obvious sign of addiction. You’re unable to cut back on your substance use, even when it causes problems in other areas of life or you’ve tried many times before.

You often lie about your substance use, spending large amounts of time covering it up. You have tried to stop or cut back on your own and failed repeatedly.

Axiom Care Phonenix AZ

The substances are interfering with family life, work or school performance, hobbies you once enjoyed. Your friends and family are concerned about your alcohol or drug use. This might be because they have expressed worries for a long time that you may have an issue with substances or notice increased irritability, aggression, anxiety at the mention of quitting drinking or using drugs.

If not able to maintain control over consumption (tolerance) whether by amount consumed per time interval OR type/quality of illegal drugs used then this could also indicate signs of addiction as well as continued usage despite adverse consequences such as: social obligations; work productivity; legal issues and withdrawal symptoms.

Some other common signs that indicate addiction are compulsive behavior, cravings for a substance, mood swings as well as neglecting responsibilities. If any of these signs sound familiar then it is time to seek help from professional treatment providers in order to recover successfully.