Throwing a Charity Event: the Ultimate Guide

10 Ways to Plan a Successful Event

The company’s name is called “Charity Event Planning” for a reason. The founder, Charity Williams, has been throwing charity events for years and she knows all the ins and outs of what it takes to plan one. She started her business after being inspired by her mother who threw many charity events over the course of her life. Now that you’ve seen how much experience there is behind this event planning company, let’s get into some tips on throwing a successful charity event! You can use bounce house rental bradenton service in order to make the whole event even more fun!

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-Select a charity to support and the cause they are supporting. You’ll need someone on your staff who is involved in this sector or has connections with them so it’s important to decide early, as these things can take weeks. -Come up with a budget for how much money you want to raise at the event (the more you put into the event, the higher end of people will attend). Remember that entertainment options can be expensive and food should be kept simple yet tasty. It also helps if you have sponsorships from local businesses; speak with managers about what kind of deals they would be willing to provide for your event.

-Make sure that you have the time and space to put on this event. It’s not a good idea to plan your event too close to another one or if you are faced with other competing interests in that area of town, such as concerts or other large events.

-Come up with an invitation list for who can attend and how they will be invited (via email, phone calls). You’ll want at least 150 people per hour in attendance so get that number right before you invite anyone.

-Select what type of entertainment options you would like: live music is always a popular option but it may cost more money depending on which band/group etc; DJ services are also great because these days many DJs have pretty expansive libraries from all genres; auctioneer?