Moving: Tips for Saving Time and Money

The Easiest Way to Move

Moving is a huge hassle. It’s full of physical and mental stress, it can be expensive, and the process can take up days (or weeks!) of your life. So why do so many people move? The answer is that moving offers us an opportunity to change our lives for the better. Whether you’re looking for more space or are ready to start fresh in a new city, moving offers opportunities like these! First, hire Lawrence movers.

Move during the week: Because weekends are often filled with social engagements (and because we’re less likely to have pets over the weekend), it’s a good idea to schedule your move on a weekday. This will not only save you from hiring movers more than once, but also cut down on any potential traffic issues while driving.

Lawrence Movers

Stay focused by following these helpful pointers for organizing before packing up all of your belongings in boxes! The first thing you should do is take stock – break down what needs to go where so that you can assign each item its proper place; make an inventory list if necessary so that you can keep track of what you’re sending where.

Assign each item a proper place:

Clothes – Closet, dresser drawers, under bed or in packing container for storage. Housewares/Kitchen Supplies – Pantry and cupboards. Books/Magazines – Bookcase or shelf near desk. Shoes – Shoeboxes on top of closet shelves with labels to indicate type (e.g., “work”, “play”). Linens/Towels- Under the bed or in a box labeled for laundry room use only.

Furniture – If your furniture is older than 20 years old, donate it! It’s amazing what people can do to transform an old piece into something new again. You’re not going to want to be paying for storage space when there are so many other ways that you could put money towards moving costs! Keep in mind that any electronics over five years old should also be donated because they will probably no longer work if plugged in anyway.