How To Generate Alarm Leads

Generate Alarm Leads

You’ve just finished a meeting with your boss. She tells you that she wants you to focus on generating alarm leads for the company. You don’t know what an alarm lead is, and how to generate alarm leads, but are ready to do anything possible to keep your job and make more money! You’re in luck. We have a primer on alarm leads that will help you understand how to generate them for the company. This is what an alarm lead is:

An individual who has recently moved into a new home with a security system installed and they want service from your company. A homeowner with an existing security system but their contract is expiring soon and they need someone else to take over or upgrade their service, so they are looking around now before it expires so that they don’t miss out on any of the benefits of having a monitored property while still saving money!

How To Generate Alarm Leads

Someone who just bought some expensive electronics and wants to protect this purchase by adding monitoring services like ADT Monitored Home Security.

A person who has a family member in the military and is looking for extra peace of mind with monitoring services like ADT Monitored Home Security. Someone who just purchased a new home that’s on an acre lot, but they’re not sure about their neighborhood safety or if there are any break-ins happening nearby so they want to find out more before signing anything final.

An individual who works from home, often alone, and doesn’t have much company over at night because most people are busy during business hours–they need some protection! A homeowner whose spouse travels extensively may also be interested in adding security coverage while they’re gone.